Will You? I Do!

Will you marry me? Have a child look like me , another like you? And live unhurt for 1000 years?


One thought on “Will You? I Do!

  1. I wait for this moment almost 11 years….its worth it…we share the fight, sorrow and happiness along the way. We not perfect couple. We never love each other enough BUT we cant apart. THis is my path. I choose you in the first place. Many people disagree, But i belive in GOD. God have found me you, and start from that i promise myself to taught you more about life. I learn a lots too. Life is not easy as people see. WE struggle enough to get what we have now. Im glad finally we reach here today althouhgt not perfect for others. Somepeople make a wish for good some still with heavy hearts,yes it true! We cant please everyone.But the most important thing, GOD be our witness for this Journey. Now choose to be happy. Let cherish every moment we have. Never stop believing.

    From fear, to sorrow, struggle, and now come the happiness, Living the life we have, shared the joy we got. May God bless this wedding forever, with love from friends and familys whom love us- sunshine like yellow-

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